• Development of methodological principles and criteria to ensure innovation and investment development of agro-industrial enterprises of Ukraine.
  • Formation of organizational and economic mechanism of development of agro-industrial enterprises in current economic environment.
  • Formation of organizational and economic mechanism of management and control of social and economic systems under new economic conditions.
  • Management of processes for sustainable development of agrarian formations economy of the eastern region of Ukraine.
  • Improvement of system of economic analysis, monitoring and diagnostics of agrarian enterprises in the agricultural market.
  • Strategic areas of financial relations development in agriculture.
  • Social and economic measurement of the formation of modern administrative and production systems.

Farm Mechanization

  • Increase of efficiency of production processes in animal husbandry.
  • Technological project of crop seed aerodynamic separator.
  • Effective use of non-waste technology of repair of internal combustion engines turbochargers.
  • Unit for local adding of bio-fertilizers and band subsoiler.
  • Preparing forage by mobile unit for small ruminants.
  • Development of bionics methods and their use in the development of machinery for maize seed loading and threshing.
  • Increase of technological process efficiency of grain drying.


  • Breeding of transgenic Arabidopsis plants with economically valuable features using the latest biotechnology research methods: cultivation with the use of artificial light, genetic engineering and gene constructs cloning.
  • Improvement of methods of cows breeding, calves growth and development under different ways of keeping.
  • Evaluation of genetic and breeding potential and milk productivity of cattle and small ruminants by biochemical markers.
  • Development of methods of influence on the productive characteristics of different genotypes of sheep, and study of bee colonies productivity, depending on keeping conditions.
  • Development and implementation of a system of differential feeding of cattle and small ruminants.
  • Livestock and poultry productivity control by changing the feed factor in the arid conditions of the steppe zone of Ukraine.
  • Development of production technology of poultry industry environmentally friendly products under intensification conditions.


  • Improvement of technology of grain sorghum cultivation in the steppe zone of Ukraine.
  • Breeding of highly productive drought-resistant varieties of peas.
  • Development of technology for crop production on eroded black soils using perspective vermicompost-based fertilizers.
  • Ecological testing of Monsanto company’s maize hybrids.
  • Breeding and development of new varieties of soft winter wheat and lentil adapted to arid steppe zone conditions.
  • Study of grain crops and sunflower yields in terms of adaptive cultivation technology, which takes into account climatic change.
  • Breeding of environmentally ductile varieties of chickpea under conditions of low and unstable humidification.

Veterinary medicine

  • Development of effective methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of internal noncontagious pathology of farm and domestic animals under the influence of pathogenic factors of external environment.
  • Features of inflammatory processes of small and cattle ruminants.
  • Influence of cows cerebrospinal fluid on the process of regeneration, reproductive ability and morphological changes when administered parenterally to domestic and farm animals.
  • Improved methods of diagnosing, preventing and treating of animal infectious and parasitic diseases.
  • Study of the diseases caused by pathogenic staphylococci and other pathogenic microflora of poultry and mammals. Development of treatment and prevention effective methods.
  • Monitoring of infectious diseases of agricultural, synanthropic and decorative poultry.
  • Microbiological monitoring of factor infections caused by Pasteurellaceae bacteria and staphylococci.

Engineering technology

  • Land management and cadastre technologies improvement.
  • Ecological and geographical framework for land use optimization.
  • Resource-saving technology of dissimilar steels welding, which enhances the quality of metal constructions.
  • Increase of efficiency of comprehensive utilization of carbonate and coal waste in production of building               materials.
  • Increase of efficiency of heat and gas supply and ventilation systems through the development of methods   of calculation of their characteristics.
  • Research and development of proposals for improving the technology of roofing.
  • Research and improvement of technology of pipeline laying with elementwise hydrotest.

Food technology

  • Scientific substantiation of functional composition of meat products, which contain herbal ingredients helping to increase extended shelf life of products and improve metabolic processes in human body.
  • Development of effective technology of dried meat half-stuff production.
  • Processing of poultry meat under high pressure in order to achieve product culinary readiness without nutritional quality loss, and finished products output increase.
  • Improvement of milk and dairy products preservation technology.
  • Development of new and improvement of existing technologies of production of processed cheese with vegetable and fruit juices included.
  • Improvement of technology of fermented milk baby food production using goat milk and starter cultures of direct inoculation.