Faculty of Industrial and Civil engineering


The studying process is being conducted on the following specialties: "Industrial and Civil Engineering"; "Roads and Aerodromes"; "Land management and Cadastre". The faculty graduates are given the qualifications: civil engineer, engineer of the lands' use organization.

The following scientific degrees can be obtained: Bachelor, Master.

About the Faculty

There are 5 chairs on the faculty:
-the chair of engineering technology and organization;
-the chair of engineering constructions;
-the chair of architecture;
-the chair of materials' resistance and theoretical mechanics;
-the chair of physical-mathematical disciplines.

The topic range of scientific works is very wide, it stretches from working out new building materials to application of computer technologies of preparation, organization and administration the building and reconstruction.

The teaching staff includes 6 Doctors of Science, Professors and 30 Candidates of Technical Science, Assistant Professors.

The faculty occupies a separate modern academic building, which contains three parts: two academic many storied buildings and a laboratory building connected with pedestrian crossings. There are more than 30 academic laboratories and studies, 2 computer studies, 2 well-equipped scientific laboratories of building materials' micro structural research are functioning on the faculty. There is a separate hostel for nonresident students and aspirants where they can stay for their training period. The payment is US$15 per month.

Terms of studying

Terms of studying:
Bachelor training - 4 years;
Master training - 5 years.

Contact information
Mailing Address: 91008, Lugansk-8, Lugansk National Agrarian University
Telephone: (0038) (0642) 59-97-62
Fax: (0038) (0642) 34-36-92
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