Faculty of Economy


The following specialities are being taught at the faculty: "Management of Organizations"; "Accounting and Audit; "Enterprise Economy"; "Economic Cybernetics"; "Finances"; "Marketing".

The specialists' qualifications are: manager-economist; specialist on accounting and audit; specialists on enterprise economy; specialist on economy cybernetics; specialist on finances; specialist on marketing.

The following scientific degrees can be obtained: Bachelor, Master.

About the Faculty

There are 8 chairs at the faculty:
- the chair of economic cybernetics;
- the chair of management and law;
- the chair of statistics and economic analysis;
- the chair of agribusiness and farming industry organization;
- the chair of economic theory and marketing;
- the chair of accounting and audit; the chair of finances and credit;
- the chair of economy and business undertaking.
The highly qualified and well-experienced university teachers conduct the academic course; among them 80% obtained scientific degrees. The scientific economy school has been started on the chair of economy theory; the head of this school is the Rector of the University, professor - Tkachenko Valentina Grigorievna.
The faculty is situated in the main University building. The building has in its disposal well equipped lecture halls and computer studies. The University offers a separate hostel for the nonresident students for the whole period of study. Living expenses for the hostel is US$15 per month.

Terms of studying

Terms of studying:
Bachelor training - 4 years;
Master training - 5 years.

Contact information
Mailing Address: 91008, Lugansk-8, Lugansk National Agrarian University
Telephone: (0038) (0642) 59-97-62
Fax: (0038) (0642) 34-36-92
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