The history of Lugansk National Agrarian University dates back to the nineteenth century. In 1826 Lugansk agricultural school including exemplary agricultural farm was established. It  was the first scientific methodologic and agricultural center in Donbass region, which marked the beginning of systematic work to promote new methods of agricultural production and mastering the techniques of farming.

In 1921, agricultural institute was founded. It has been constantly carrying out training of field-crop agronomists under difficult soil and climatic conditions of the eastern part of Ukraine. That was another milestone in providing highly qualified agrarians for Donbass region.

For many decades the University remains the only agrarian multidiscipline higher education institution of the IV level of accreditation in Donbass. It trains agronomists, silviculturists, ecologists, economists in 6 specialties, mechanical engineers, production engineers for processing of livestock products, civil engineers, land surveyors, veterinarians, meat and milk production engineers.

The University has trained over 60 thousand specialists, including well-known scientists, technologists of agricultural production, statesmen.