In the year 2013 we mark a significant date _ the 92th jubilee of Lugansk agrarian high school and its 187th anniversary as an educational agrarian institution. LNAU 's historical roots reach back to the 19th century and begin with the opening in 1826 of the Lugansk exemplary state agricultural farm _ the first scientific_methodical and agrarian center in the Donbas region,meeting the European innovations of the 19th century and laying the foundation for the popularization of system work based on advanced methods of agricultural manufacturing and skilled labour.

The importance, role and place of LNAU in the educational and agricultural complex of both the Donbas and all Ukraine was, is and will be extremely great, for agriculture is the most important sphere of human application, harmonizing terrestrial and cosmic life rhythms,

demanding from those engaged in it, not only knowledge but also intuition, patience, love and an understanding of all matter on Earth. The careful attitude toward her, nurtured and fostered by human hands, wonderfully decorated, passes through centuries from one generation to another. It was, is and will be the target of the teachers', employees', and the students of LNAU to take and pass the baton to future generations.

Lugansk National Agrarian University has a rich history. During this time, it has become a distinguished, versatile educational institution of the highest calibre _ the IV level of accreditation preparing experts: agriculturists, economists, machine_operators, mechanic_engineers, live_stock experts, builders, veterinary doctors, engineers_technologists in the preservation of meat and meat products, engineers_technologists in the preservation of milk and dairy products. More than 15, 000 students study at seven faculties of the University.

The preparation of the experts is conducted on educational_qualifying levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master. Some students further their study at the faculty of post_graduate education and thus receive a second trade and enhance their knowledge.

The teachers and the employees of the University are our pride. Transferring their knowledge and experience to the students, they give them a particle of their soul, cultivate in them a special attitude for learning that echoes the ancient vision: "Study as if you live eternally!" that provides for a continuous perfection of knowledge during life.

LNAU is a high school, where 85 Doctors, Professors, 298 Candidates of Sciences, Senior lecturers, 28 Corresponding Members of branch Academies of Ukraine transfer their knowledge and experience to the young in 53 faculties of the University. Among them are Professors V.I.Bogachev, V.S.Kochetkov, G.D.Katsi, І.D. Sokolov, O.S. Faivusovich, M.V. Braginets, A.I. Torba, and others.

Lugansk National Agrarian University constantly integrates itself into the international system of education and science. Today the youth from eleven countries of the world study at LNAU. Our students have practice in England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and

the USA. Not only the students and Bachelors have the ability to go to America, but also Specialists and Masters. It is very important for practice to be experienced on a high level, where students can learn advanced methods in agricultural areas not only in Europe but around the world as well.

In addition to the main task related to study LNAU staff fosters the formation of versatile personalities, the self_realization of young people, disclosing their creative potential.

Our students' amateur creative collectives, where thousands of LNAU students participate, have received the deserved recognition not only in the Donbas area of Ukraine, but also in many countries of Europe.

The sports achievements of the University put it in the avant guarde not only of regional student sports movements, but also as important players in the arena of All_Ukrainian and European sports.

Now LNAU looks to the future , with new specialities such as: economic cybernetics, business economics, marketing, finance, ecology and protection of the environment, and wood economy. The University material base becomes stronger and the specialized councils

on protecting candidate dissertations work successfully; the numerous scientific schools, based by the high school scientists, function. The students become prize_winners and gain recognition in the of All_Ukrainian and international Olympiads in various spheres of


The University's future is our wonderful students. They study very well, show their public involvement, remember and develop the best university traditions and achievements.

They love the University. They are its pride. and is its pride. Dear friends! With all my heart I thank you for everything that you have done and do for our University, for your selflessness and devotion. Please always remember that outstanding persons are formed not by means of beautiful speeches, but indefatigable hard work. Science is not a completed book and everyone who is selflessly engaged in it writes his own pages into its infinite tables.

I am sure that in the future our achievements will become even more significant, the prospects of development even more brilliant and attractive. So let's continue to build together our ideal University house _ LNAU, for the benefit of the Lugansk region, the Donbas, our Ukraine, blossoming like a spring garden.

I wish all of you good health, achievements in all your undertakings and plans, happiness, well_being and welfare to your families, new achievements for the benefit of our University, the Lugansk region, the Donbas and Ukraine.

The Rector of LNAU, Professor V.G. Tkachenko.